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iOS App Development with Swift

In an Australian first, RMIT is working with Apple to design an iOS app developer course. Build apps learn to code, and network with industry experts.

    4 weeks per course
    (20-30 hours)

    5 courses per program

    18 February 2019
    A$2,199 GST inc. (program)

    A$549 GST inc. (course)

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Why learn iOS app development with SWIFT

Learn at your own pace

Our iOS App Development with Swift program gives you the flexibility to reach your goals in as little as five months. Each course is self-paced over four weeks. You can complete the program around your life and work commitments.

Get job ready

We have partnered with leading companies to deliver a skills-focused program to get you job-ready. Build projects, get mentor support and make connections with some of the best names in the industry, including Tigerspike, Bilue and jtribe.

Earn degree credit

Completing the program, you are eligible for credit into approved RMIT degrees.

Find out more in our FAQ section.

Learn with industry experts

Mentors will be provided from these industries.

Tigerspike logo


Tigerspike is a global business, spanning nine offices across five continents. It is one of the largest specialised enterprise mobility companies in the world, blending technology with human expertise to deliver business outcomes, fast.

jtribe logo


jtribe is a leading expert in crafting software solutions in iOS. With some of the most experienced mobile development teams in Australia, and over six million end users, jtribe continues to be a driving force in the app economy.

Bilue logo


Bilue is a leader in mobile and emerging technologies for some of Australia's biggest brands. Designing, developing and delivering inspired experiences on intelligent platforms, Bilue is at the cutting edge, tackling big problems with small, highly skilled teams.

Accenture logo


Accenture is a leading global professional services company providing solutions in strategy, consulting, digital and technology across more than 40 industries and all business functions. They deliver transformational outcomes for a demanding new digital world.



How does it work?

It’s pretty simple. Each course runs for four weeks and is self-paced. How you learn and when you study? That’s up to you. We estimate you’ll need about 20-30 hours per course.

Each week, your mentor will stream online tutorials and webinars. You can watch these live, bouncing ideas off your classmates, or save them for later. It shouldn’t really feel like a lecture. More of an interactive lesson. Chat with your peers on Slack, watch tutes via Zoom, ask questions and get real-time answers. It’s lifestyle and learning, all in one.

  • Four weeks per course
  • One assessment to be completed by the end of the four weeks
  • Choose to study one course, or the full five course program
  • Flexible study time, but we estimate you’ll need 20-30 hours
  • Expert industry mentor sessions run weekly, but also recorded
How does it work?

Program overview

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    • Experiment with the Playgrounds environment.
    • Write a story using constants, variables and data types.
    • Write code using operators to perform basic maths.
    • Create code using switch to provide different outputs based on different conditions.
    • Build, run and debug code in Xcode.
    • Identify how documentation can be used to describe the purpose of your code.
    • Form a storyboard using Interface Builder to create an intuitive user interface.
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    You will complete a guided project to create a simple flashlight app.

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    • Work with strings to manipulate and compare text.
    • Learn to define your own functions and structures that will provide better ways to organise your code.
    • Work with classes, inheritance and collections to manage more complex information.
    • Learn about loops which can perform logic repeatedly to test conditions.
    • Work with UIKit to include bars, controls and views in your app.
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    You will complete a guided project to create a word-guessing game.

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    • Use guard to better manage your code to avoid invalid arguments.
    • Learn how to use seques, navigation controllers and tab controllers to create a simple app to display information about you.
    • Create an app that provides specific output based on events in the view controller life cycle.
    • Set up protocols in your app to ensure that objects contain certain properties.
    • Learn about different app life cycle states.
    • Build simple workflows from user requests and features to create a pizza delivery app.
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    You will complete a guided project that assesses user personality traits.

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    • Use UI to display content larger than the screen and tables.
    • Learn to save data so it is available for later use.
    • Use system view controllers for alerts and messages.
    • Build more complex input screens.
    • Work with animation to direct user attention.
    • Learn how to make your apps work with the web.
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    You'll complete two guided projects, including a task tracking app and a menu app.

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    • Use the design cycle to brainstorm the features of your app.
    • Create a project plan for building your app.
    • Create an app prototype that can be shared with one of the course participants.
    • Provide feedback on another course participant's prototype.
    • Brand your app.
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    Create a design, basic prototype and architect of an app. The goal is for you to take this idea and continue to independently develop it.

Prerequisites and requirements




iOS App Development with Swift (5 courses)

Get job ready and join our iOS App Development with Swift program. Built on the foundations of Apple-designed curriculum your program will include five courses run over four week blocks.

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A$2,199 GST inc. (5 courses)

Start date: 18 February 2019

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App Development with Swift Foundations

Not ready to commit to the full program? Chart your own path and pay as you go through our flexible learning pathways. Sign up for our first course, App Development with Swift Foundations today which will run for four weeks.

Enrol for for Swift Foundation

A$549 GST inc. (1 course)

Start date: 18 February 2019

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If you complete a single course such as App Development with Swift Foundations you are eligible for a certificate. On completing the five course program, iOS App Development with Swift, you will receive a credential and digital badge.

We estimate that you will need a total of 20-30 hours to complete each course over four weeks.

We follow Apple's requirements for software and hardware requirements in the App Store. Xcode: Get it here
Approx. 5.46 GB of space to install Xcode.
Any Mac which can run macOS 10.12.6 or later (Sierra or later)

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