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Frequently Asked Questions

Can't find the information you need? Take a look at our FAQs and if you still have questions, use the contact us form and we'll be in touch soon.


Application and enrolment

Many of our courses and programs require no prior learning, but some of our more technical courses may suggest having basic or foundational knowledge of technology areas relevant to the area of study.  Suggested pre-requisites, are shown on the Course details page for a course if relevant (for example, our Self Driving Cars course suggests having basic experience in programming and algebra).
We welcome students from all backgrounds, however you will need to be a self starter with an inquisitive mind. With our expert mentors supporting you along the way, we're confident you will have all the tools at hand to succeed.
You must be 18 years or older to enrol in this course.

All courses require:
1) A computer with reliable internet access.
Certain courses may require specific versions of operating systems for your computer so check their additional details.
2) Slack: we use Slack to provide a chat forum/channel for student/facilitator discussions. See Slack’s privacy policy and terms. You can sign up for free via their website on the App Store.
3) Calendly: we use Calendly to book appointments to speak with course facilitators. See Calendly’s terms and privacy policy.
4) ZOOM: we use Zoom cloud meetings to enable class participation. See ZOOM’s terms and privacy policy. You can sign up for free via their website on the App Store.
5) If you’d like a badge or digital credential for a course which you can post on LinkedIn, you can opt in with Credly as part of the enrolment process. See Credly’s terms and privacy policy.
6) Milanote: we use Milanote to research and develop product ideas. See Milanote’s terms and privacy policy.
For courses in partnership with Udacity:
Under our partnership, Udacity provides specialist course content. See Udacity’s terms and privacy policy. When you enrol in these Courses, you’ll also sign up with Udacity.
For iOS App Development with Swift you will also need:
1) Apple Mac computer running macOS Sierra or High Sierra
2) Xcode 9 (free on the App Store)
3) App Development with Swift iBook (free on iTunes)
We follow Apple's requirements for software and hardware as noted in the App Store.
A student can request to defer their current course up to 5 days after a course commences.

Students requesting a deferral after the 5 day limit will need to apply for special consideration in writing, with a decision to be made by the RMIT Online Commercial Director and RMIT Online Product Owner.

Deferral requests are to be made through the Contact Us form.
Yes, absolutely. RMIT Future Skills for business is a team of business training professionals dedicated to helping employers upskill their teams.

Whether you’re a non-profit, small enterprise or a global corporation, our business solutions team offers training experiences for groups of any size.

Please contact us here for more information.


Billing and payments

We accept all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard and Amex), or you can pay with your existing PayPal account.
A student can request a full refund up to 5 days after a course commences.

Students requesting a refund after the 5 day limit will need to apply for special consideration in writing, with a decision to be made by the RMIT Online Commercial Director and RMIT Online Product Owner.

Requests for refunds are to be made through the Contact Us form

All courses and bundles purchased at a discount rate will be refunded at the discounted rate.

Students will be liable for any Paypal fees.
At this stage we do not have any scholarship openings.


Study outcomes

After completing an RMIT Future Skills course, you will earn an RMIT certificate and credential which can be validated, recognised and shared on social media platforms.   
Some of our courses are eligible for degree credit upon successful completion. These are outlined below:
iOS App Development with Swift
Upon completion of the iOS App Development with Swift Program (full five courses), you are eligible for one full unit of credit (12 Credit Points) into the following RMIT Programs:
- Associate Degree in Information Technology
- Bachelor of Information Technology
- Bachelor of Information Technology (Games and Graphics Programming)

You must still meet eligibility criteria for entry into these courses.

Developing Blockchain Strategy
Upon completion of Developing Blockchain Strategy, you may be eligible for credit into selected RMIT business programs at bachelor or master level.
Digital credentials (displayed as digital badges) are an online representation of a capability or skill you have earned and which can be validated, recognised and shared on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

RMIT has partnered with industry leader Credly, to provide a digitally-enabled platform for creating, issuing and managing digital badges on social platforms.
For some courses and programs, you will complete an assessment to determine whether you have demonstrated mastery of the subject matter within the subject area. If you successfully demonstrate mastery of the subject, you will be issued a digital credential through Credly and will receive an invitation from Credly to claim your badge.

If you have not previously created an account at Credly, you will need to register a username and password with Credly to claim your badge from their website. Once you have successfully claimed your badge you can then start sharing it across your social media. Add it to your LinkedIn profile!

Important note: you are required to opt-in to receive your digital badge
We have partnered with an industry leader in digital credentialing. As a member of the Open Badges community since its inception, Credly has helped pioneer the Digital Credential movement, integrating with hundreds of applications and working with thousands of issuers to issue millions of credentials.

RMIT takes data privacy extremely seriously, and will not send your information to a 3rd party without your explicit permission. In order to be issued with a digital credential through Credly, you will need to opt-in through the Account Settings page. Click on Linked Accounts and then select the "Issue me a Credly badge when I master my course." setting


Studying online

We recommend visiting the course detail page or downloading our free course guide for each course to understand the time commitment required for your studies. Each course will also outline estimated weekly time commitment along with an assessment component at the end of the course. 
As a student you will be part of a mentor group, led by an industry expert on hand to provide subject matter and careers advice.

A mentor will run expert webinars on a weekly basis and your peer group will be on hand to provide further support.

Your mentor will provide expert feedback on your assessments ensuring you keep progressing on your study journey.

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