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RMIT Online Future Skills business solutions

The future of work is changing. We continue to see disruption like never before. With more change to come, lifelong learning is becoming more and more important.


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RMIT Online short courses are a great way to attract and retain talent, upskill your employees quickly, supercharge their performance and level up.

  • Industry designed

    To develop our cutting-edge content, RMIT has partnered with leading industry experts across the world to multiply the power of a world-leading university with the best of industry.

  • Relevant skills

    These courses are about job-ready skills, practical training, building a portfolio and applying your learning. Theory's good, but nothing trumps experience.

  • Applied industry projects

    We know our learners are most successful when we combine learning with their current work commitments.

RMIT Future Skills Edge

Flexible learning solutions for teams

Our courses are 100% online and designed to fit your business needs. We also provide tailored solutions for teams of 20 or more. This means you choose the start date, get dedicated mentor support and the potential of a discreet team project.

Weekly drop-in webinars hosted by industry experts.

In addition, learners have an opportunity to meet their mentors online 1:1 to get personalised feedback.

Course Managers & administrative support

We bring learners and mentors together and help with onboarding, facilitating communications and tracking the overall course experience.

RMIT Credential

The cutting-edge skills you learn will be rigorously assessed and recognised by both a leading university and industry experts in the field through an RMIT credential


Student Image

Brooke Jamieson

Developing Blockchain Strategy

Hear what Brooke Jamieson, a Developing Blockchain Strategy graduate, had to say about her experience studying online with RMIT University, why she decided to start a blockchain dedicated YouTube channel and her advice for anyone interested in learning about it.

Student Image

John Gibson

iOS App Development with Swift

Hear what John Gibson, an iOS App Development with Swift graduate, had to say about the importance of learning code, his experience studying online with RMIT University and his advice for anyone interested in upskilling to stay relevant in a changing workforce.