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RMIT, in partnership with Udacity, are excited to announce our newest courses: Front End Web Developer, AI Programming with Python, Intro to Self-Driving Cars, Robotics Software Engineer.



Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Courses

Starts 29 Oct 2018

Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

Starts 05 Nov 2018

Blockchain Courses

Starts 22 Oct 2018

Industry partners

Our online short-courses have been designed by industry experts. We have partnered with leading employers from key businesses such as Tigerspike, jtribe, Bilue, Stone & Chalk, Accenture, Paper Giant and REA Group. It’s a chance to learn from the best in the business. Half the battle is who you know, and we know a lot of people.

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Upcoming Courses

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Courses

Starts 29 Oct 2018

Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

Starts 05 Nov 2018

Blockchain Courses

Starts 22 Oct 2018

Marketing Analytics and Insights

04 March 2019

Designing Blockchain Solutions

Starts 21 Jan 2019

Developing Blockchain Strategy

Starts 22 Oct 2019

Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

Starts 05 Nov 2018

When it comes to uni, size isn’t everything. RMIT online courses are great for those looking to upskill quickly, supercharge the resume or pick up a new hobby. No big commitments. Same industry-focused learning.

Welcome to the small time.

  • Build Industry Connections

    The big difference at RMIT? Our courses are designed by industry experts, as well as academics. We work with some of the leading players in the field to develop a hands-on, up-to-date curriculum. You’ll be learning from people who do this stuff for a living. Get ready to network.

  • Flexible Learning

    RMIT short courses are designed to fit your lifestyle. Not replace it. Tune in live to our online webinars, or save them for later. Chat with your peers, or learn at your own pace. It’s totally up to you.

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  • Get job-ready skills

    We'll be frank - we're not big on essays in our short courses, because we prefer to get our hands dirty. That’s why these courses are all about practical training. Learn job-ready skills you can actually apply, or build a portfolio to show future employers. Theory’s good, but nothing trumps experience.

  • Earn degree credit

    Many of our online programs count towards approved RMIT degrees, which means you get credit for prior study. Test the waters with a short course, see if you like it, then enrol in a bachelor or master level qualification. It’s a good way to leapfrog your learning.

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Why study a short course?

Why? Because they’re short. These courses don’t require a huge time commitment. They’re more about targeted learning. Some courses join together to form larger, overarching programs, some are self-paced, and some can be completed within four weeks. How you learn and when you study? That’s up to you.

Each week, your mentor will stream online tutorials and webinars. You can watch these live, bouncing ideas off your classmates, or save them for later. It shouldn’t really feel like a lecture. More of an interactive lesson. Chat with your peers on Slack, watch tutes via Zoom, ask questions and get real-time answers. It’s lifestyle and learning, all in one.

  • Expert industry mentors
  • Interactive learning
  • Flexible study time
  • Build industry contacts
  • Get job-ready skills
Why study a short course?

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