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Front-End Web Developer

Career ready course to get you started in becoming a front-end web developer.

  • Starting 16 Sep 2019
  • 100% online, 4 months (10 hours per week)
  • A$2,600 GST inc.
  • Prerequisites: Basic HTML, CSS and JavaScript (or another programming language)


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100% online, mentor supported, workplace ready education

Why learn Front-End Web Developer

Demand for front-end developers is booming across every industry, with the average base salary in Australia at an estimated $103,000 per year (Indeed Australia). Now we call that an opportunity. Kick start your career in this 4 month online course, where you’ll work 1:1 with some of Australia’s leading industry experts like GitHub, Accenture, DigIO, Inlight, Culture Amp and Transpire, coupled with second to none curriculum from a cutting-edge, Silicon Valley tech education leader Udacity.

How does it work

You will complete 5 projects throughout the course, receive feedback about your code and have 1:1 personalised mentor sessions with local Australian leaders in the field. You will leave the course with a resume-worthy portfolio to enter the workforce with confidence that you have mastered in-demand skills that employers are looking for. You will have access to Udacity's cutting-edge learning platform, combined with localised support from industry experts and be welcomed into a community of peers and leading local employers.  Your experience will be assessed and credentialed by a world-leading university.

Skills learned

HTML5, CSS, DOM, Object Oriented JavaScript, Grunt, Gulp, Angular, Ember, Service Worker and JQuery.

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Your experience with RMIT Future Skills

Upskill online, on your terms. Taught by industry leaders, backed by RMIT.

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100% online

Our flexible short courses are designed to fit your lifestyle, not replace it. Study online, after hours, when and where you like.

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RMIT credential

The cutting edge skills you learn will be rigorously assessed and recognised by both a leading university and key employers in the field.

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Industry mentors

RMIT experience provides structure on top of online learning through 1:1 mentor support, webinars and a community of lifelong learners.

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Real world skills

Level up your skills and qualifications as a digital native. Our courses are about practical training, building a network and applying your learning.

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Expert content

We have partnered with leading employers across the world to multiply the power of a world-leading university with the best of industry.

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Make the most out of your online learning by interacting with your peers, experts and industry employers. Meaningful connections to help propel your career.

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Learning outcomes

What do you take away from our courses?

Course outcome certificate Course outcome certificate Course outcome certificate


After completing an RMIT Future Skills course, you will earn an RMIT certificate and credential which can be validated, recognised and shared on social media platforms.


These courses are all about practical training. Each week, the skills you need to master will be walked through in live online tutorials that allow you to see success in action, and ask questions to overcome obstacles that are slowing your progress.

Work-ready project

We combine the power of industry experts with a leading university to get you working on practical, work-ready projects that you can immediately apply back in your office.

Course Outline

Module 1

Web Foundations

Learn the building blocks of the web – HTML and CSS. Create the structure of a website using semantic HTML and style with CSS and responsive design.


Build a portfolio site

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Module 2

JavaScript and the DOM

Use JavaScript to control a webpage. Learn about Document Object Model (DOM). Use JavaScript and DOM to control page content and interactions.


Memory game

Project icon

Module 3

Web Accessibility

Hands-on experience making accessible web apps. Learn when and why users need accessibility and dive into the how of building out accessible website components.




Module 4

Object-Oriented JavaScript

Learn how to build professional applications using object-oriented JavaScript techniques. Learn how JavaScript has improved with the major language improvements made in ES6.


Classic arcade game clone

Project icon

Module 5

JavaScript Tools & Testing

Learn how to use Grunt and Gulp to speed up app development. Learn to use testing to help build app features.


Feed reader testing

Project icon

Module 6

Front-End Applications

You'll learn about Angular and Ember, as well as how to fetch data asynchronously and offline with Service Worker.


Restaurant reviews

Project icon

Learn with Industry Experts

Get ready to meet some of the biggest names in the business.

David Pike logo

David Pike

Senior Developer, Inlight

David is an experienced developer who is passionate about quality. He always aims to write elegant, maintainable, and robust code. He loves accessibility and performance and his experience working with a diverse range of clients has reinforced the importance of cross-browser compatibility, accessibility, and web page performance.

Sandy Milne logo

Sandy Milne

Software Developer, Inlight

Sandy is a Software Developer working on front-end, back-end and mobile development. Sandy enjoys coding in a range of different languages including Objective-C, Swift and both front-end and back-end Javascript using Express, React, Vue.js and Backbone.js. Previously Sandy has been involved with sound design, producing soundtracks for TV, film, web and iOS apps. A tinkerer at heart, Sandy loves working on anything that requires sound geekery or creative code.

David Mackenzie logo

David Mackenzie

Co-Founder and CTO, Crystal Delta

David is a computer science and engineering graduate from RMIT and has since worked as a Software Engineer at many of Australia's biggest companies. He has worked across a variety of Industries including Video Streaming; Banking and Finance; Telco and Education across a range of technologies including React, Riot, Node, Ruby on Rails, Python, Java, Android and iOS and is passionate about passing on those skills to the next generation of coders.

Daniel Figucio logo

Daniel Figucio

Director Solutions Engineering, APAC at GitHub

Daniel Figucio is the Director of Solutions Engineering, APAC @ GitHub. He is passionate about software and enjoys helping people to understand the power and beauty of Git and GitHub.

Kevin Yank logo

Kevin Yank

Director of Front-End Engineering, Culture Amp

Culture Amp’s Director of Front-End Engineering, Kevin, previously spent a decade teaching a generation of developers about web standards at SitePoint, where he also helped to launch success stories like 99designs and Flippa. More recently, he quizzed web developers on HTML, CSS and JavaScript by leading the team behind Sit the Test, and has spoken at tech conferences around the world. 

John Stableford logo

John Stableford

Software Engineer, DigIO

John is an experienced Software Engineer with a passion for leading and supporting quality development practices. Focused on delivering meaningful, impactful software through a comprehensive knowledge of the web platform he is across both client-side and server-side technologies.  Having delivered outcomes using everything from old-school jQuery to cutting-edge Progressive Web Apps, John uses his experience to clearly communicate not just how to build modern applications, but why and when to make the right choices in a constantly evolving ecosystem of tools, languages and frameworks.

Ben Howl logo

Ben Howl

Lead Software Engineer, DigIO

Ben is a seasoned and enthusiastic technology professional with experience delivering IT projects in banking, online advertising, telecommunications and the public sector in both the UK and Australia.  He has continually evolved his skills and experience to maintain relevance with a changing technology landscape. Having started his career as a manual tester of telecommunication products, he then moved into leading UI and API test automation initiatives, and most recently has become a lead front-end engineer building micro front-ends. Ben has a passion for continually learning new technology and more importantly, delivering better end user outcomes.

Brett Uglow logo

Brett Uglow

Lead Software Engineer, DigIO

Brett is a Lead Software Engineer with an eye for design, empathy for customers and an understanding of the whole software development lifecycle. He has worked as a software developer, UI/UX designer, consultant, mobile app developer, team leader and principal engineer. His 18 years of experience includes building responsive user interfaces for desktop and mobile devices, building and testing APIs with cloud technology, and contributing to several open source software projects. Brett is pragmatic when building solutions as the needs of every client (and customer base) are different.

Bowen Li logo

Bowen Li

Front-End Lead Developer, Accenture Interactive

Bowen is a Front-End Lead Developer at Accenture Interactive Sydney. He has witnessed the progression and evolution of front-end side technologies since he started to code in 1997, and played around with html2.x/3.x. He is highly skilled and experienced in HTML, CSS, JS, and front-end build with CI. Bowen Li is a senior web developer, passionate JavaScripter, Reactjs, Angularjs, Nodejs developer, experienced assistive technology developer for WACG2 AA.

Ewan Horsburgh logo

Ewan Horsburgh

Front-End Lead Developer, Accenture Interactive

Ewan is an experienced creative Front-End Lead Developer at Accenture Interactive Sydney. He has over 15 years’ experience in the industry and has seen the growth of skills and responsibilities for the front-end. With a background in web design his focus now is modernising the front-end development process by advancing front-end architecture, living style guides, accessibility best practice and build tools.

Ben Pitt logo

Ben Pitt

Senior Software Engineering Consultant, Transpire

Ben is a fullstack developer consulting across a range of businesses from Startups, Government, small business and Enterprise/Corporate. With 20 years in the digital services industry, he understands project delivery and managing client expectations. Ben is currently involved with AWS architecture, React JS and API development. He is passionate about trying new things, educating and bringing people together to enjoy innovating collaboratively.

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