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Digital Marketing Strategy

Everything you need to develop and roll out successful digital marketing strategies


    21 January 2019
    6 weeks
    (5-8 hours per week)
    A$770 GST inc.
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Why learn Digital Marketing Strategy

With the rise of new digital platforms like Uber and, and an increasingly competitive and globalised business market, it’s never been more important to understand audience targeting, how to grow your brand and how to optimise and measure the success of campaigns. You can’t have a thriving business without a high performing digital marketing strategy. And that’s not hyperbole.

In this introductory course, you’ll get an appreciation for all aspects of digital marketing, from identifying customer behaviour and segmentation, to cracking SEO strategies and social-media campaigns.

Course overview


How does it work?

Learn the theory, then get hands-on identifying customer behaviour and segmentation, understanding SEO strategies and driving social-media campaigns. In this course, you’ll learn how to amplify messages online, along with the grounding to set up your digital marketing strategy. 

You'll be supported by industry experts and mentors, as well as working with a dynamic community of learners from a range of careers and backgrounds.

Key Outcomes:

  • Analyse key components of marketing in the digital economy
  • Identify and articulate critical customer groups
  • Evaluate fundamentals of effective SEO and SEM
  • Identify critical components of paid and organic social media marketing
  • Design and develop digital marketing strategies using key digital tactics and techniques
How does it work?

Course outline

Week 1

What is digital marketing and who is your audience?

  • What is digital marketing?
  • Know your customer
  • Customer journey


Create a persona and define your marketing objectives

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Week 2

Define your messaging

  • Marketing mix
  • Unique selling points
  • Customer journeys


Complete your marketing mix analysis 

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Week 3

How will customers find you?

  • Content marketing
  • Understanding SEO
  • Understanding SEM


Your search engine plan

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Week 4

Building an audience

  • Social media marketing
  • Facebook advertising
  • Email marketing


Your social media and email plan

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Week 5

Measuring your campaigns and plan your strategy

  • Measurement and optimisation
  • Plan your strategy
  • Present your strategy


Your digital marketing strategy

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Week 6

Review and what's next

  • Review your pitch and peer review
  • Develop your digital marketing skills
  • The future of digital marketing


Feedback and results

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What support you'll get

Webinar icon

Weekly expert webinar - Q&A

Video icon

3x videos & content per week

  • Industry experts discuss key themes
Mentor icon

Your own industry mentor

  • Weekly webinars
  • Q&A over Slack
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Join a dynamic community of lifelong learners

How does it work?
The RMIT Edge


The RMIT edge


We’ve built this program with leading companies who have transformed and thrived in a changing workforce. We’ll start with the fundamentals, then you’ll build real-world strategies that can be immediately applied back in the workplace.

Make industry connections

Sometimes it’s what you know… but sometimes it’s who you know. And we know a lot of people. We’ve partnered with leading digital companies and Tigerspike to make sure our courses give you the targeted, industry focused learning and endorsement needed to future-proof your career.

Collaborative learning experience

Studying online doesn’t mean you’re doing it in isolation. You’ll be joining a dynamic learning community of professionals, with 1-1 mentorship from experts in the field.

Find out more in our FAQ section.

Learn with industry experts

Partnering with leading industry names, this is a program for people who want to build real-world strategies for evolving business across every aspect of the value chain.



Adobe is the global leader in digital media and digital marketing solutions. Their creative, marketing and document solutions empower everyone to bring digital creations to life and deliver immersive, compelling experiences to the right person at the right moment for the best results.

“In order for Australia to remain competitive in the global economy, it is imperative that we address education needs in the digital space. RMIT and Adobe share values of innovation and creativity, and we believe this partnership will continue to find exciting new ways to benefit Australia’s businesses and workforce.” - Tony Katsabaris, Adobe APAC Senior Director of Public Sector & Education

REA Group

REA Group

REA Group is a digital advertising company that operates Australia’s leading property and real estate websites in Europe, Asia and the US.



Tigerspike is a global business, spanning nine offices across five continents. It is one of the largest specialised enterprise mobility companies in the world, blending technology with human expertise to deliver business outcomes, fast.



Isobar is a global agency delivering digital transformation, powered by creativity. They solve complex challenges through digital marketing, ecosystems and products, driving digital strength and brand loyalty.



Digital Transformation program

Build the skill sets across core digital literacy components in our Digital Transformation program. Industry-led and collaborative, our program includes five up-to-the-minute courses which run over six weeks.

Digital Transformation Program

A$3,424 GST inc. (5 courses)

Start date: 21 January 2019

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Digital Marketing Strategy

Not ready to commit to the full program? Chart your own path and pay as you go. Sign up for a single course, learn with the best in industry, and come out with a new skill set.

Digital Marketing Strategy

A$770 GST inc. (course)

Start date: 21 January 2019

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You will be eligible for a certificate on completing this course.

We estimate that you will need a total of 50 hours to complete this course over 8 weeks.

1) A computer with good internet access
2) Slack (web or free on the App Store)
3) ZOOM Cloud Meetings (web or free on the App Store)

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