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Developing AI Strategy

Discover the implications of Artificial Intelligence on your business and how to build an AI strategy to keep ahead of the curve.


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Why learn AI Strategy

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has come a long way from the ‘expert systems’ of the 1980s. Forget about Skynet and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Today’s neural networks and machine learning algorithms are more likely to drive an autonomous car, analyse property markets, power a chatbot or help with clinical diagnoses and suggest treatments. In fact, the real challenge facing AI isn’t potential applications, it’s getting companies to recognise them. That’s why we created Developing AI Strategy.

With 31% of enterprises expected to add AI into their strategy over the next 12 months (Adobe), it’s never been more important to upskill. This is an industry-approved short course, powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), that explores AI’s potential to disrupt your business. Master the AI basics, make agile decisions, and get ahead of the curve.

Course overview


Key takeaways from this course

Developing AI Strategy equips your business with the latest AI thinking. Our industry pros will walk you through the AI fundamentals, you’ll have access to the latest tools from Amazon Web Services, and we’ll help you develop a real-world AI strategy for your organisation. Over eight weeks, you’ll also get to know the full AI stack: from Natural Language Processing and robotics to machine learning and Neural Networks. Best of all – you’re learning from Australia’s leading AI experts at Versent and Eliiza.

Key topics

  • Understand the fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence
  • Use Amazon Web Services tools to master the basic AI applications
  • Create an AI business plan for your industry
  • Learn the ethics and challenges surrounding AI
  • Identify how AI can improve your particular business
  • Communicate the benefits of AI to wider stakeholders
How does it work?

Course outline

Module 1

Artificial Intelligence Fundamentals

  • Understand AI and Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning
  • Technology fundamentals


Video presentation

Presentation icon

Module 2

Global use cases

  • Business applications across products, processes and insights
  • Robotics and automation
  • Natural language Processing
  • Autonomous Vehicles


Summarise leading application of AI/ML

Project icon

Module 3

Frameworks for identifying AI/ML opportunities

  • Ideation
  • Business casing
  • Risks and limitations


Run an ideation session

Project icon

Module 4

Delivery and operating models for data projects

  • People and resources
  • Collaboration frameworks
  • Executing projects


Design a high level operating model

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Module 5

Platforms and Tools

  • Technology Landscape
  • AWS technology deep dive
  • Data & Cloud strategy


Complete a demo project in AWS Sage Maker sandpit environment (coding experience not expected!)

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Module 6

Building POC

  • Select business opportunity to build a POC
  • Understand requirements to build a POC


Create a plan to run a POC in your company

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Module 7

Developing Your AI Strategy

  • Cloud and data strategy
  • Optimising business case for ROI
  • Anticipate risks and limitations
  • Roadmap/implementation plan


Assessment - AI Strategy Deck for a funding proposal

Presentation icon

Module 8

Responsible AI

  • AI & Society
  • Ethical considerations
  • The Future of AI






What support you'll get

Webinar icon

Weekly expert webinar - Q&A

Video icon

3x videos & content per week

  • Industry experts discuss key themes
Mentor icon

Your own industry mentor

  • Weekly webinars
  • Q&A over Slack
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Join a dynamic community of lifelong learners

How does it work?
The RMIT Edge


The RMIT edge

Learn from the best

We designed this course in partnership with Amazon Web Services. They've been invested in AI for over 30 years. You'll be mentored by some of the brightest minds in AI development from Eliiza and Versent.

Get ahead of the curve

Sometimes it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. And we know a lot of people. We designed this course alongside AI leaders from Amazon Web Services, Eliiza and Versent. You’ll be learning from the best in the business.

Collaborative learning

Online learning doesn’t mean doing it all yourself. There’s plenty of chances to interact with your classmates, plus one-to-one mentoring and online support. It’s university for the 21st century.

Find out more in our FAQ section.

Learn with industry experts

This is the real RMIT difference. Industry contacts, real-world experience and a course designed by the best in the business.

Rhys Evans

Rhys Evans

Rhys has over 15 years' experience in delivering quality business outcomes with technology. He's been a CTO, a leader at NAB and a seasoned systems integrator with a passion for everything being code. He loves a challenge and is passionate about getting tech projects "done, done!"

Mark Wolfe

Mark Wolfe

Mark is the go-to guy when you need anything code related solved. He's been a CTO, part of a start-up, developer and all-round network guru. When he's not designing and building software for telecommunications and IoT industries, he spends his time building his self-driving car or mountain biking.

James Wilson

James Wilson

James leads Eliiza, a Melbourne based AI consulting and technology business that helps companies apply AI/ML to solve real-world problems. James has over 15 years' experience leading digital business and technology transformation across financial services, telco, wagering, media and FMCG in Australia and Europe. James is passionate about the ethical impacts of intelligent technology and co-founded Responsible AI Australia.

Daniel Bradby

Daniel Bradby

Daniel has a wealth of experience leading software engineering and machine learning projects in Australia and the US working across a range of industry sectors. Daniel has been involved in popular OpenSource projects such as Hibernate and Subclipse, has worked across Android and iOS platforms and co-founded the Melbourne TensorFlow group. As Eliiza's CTO Daniel has established the data engineering, data science and machine learning practices and plays a lead role on client engagements.



Developing AI Strategy

Learn Developing AI Strategy in 8 weeks. Enrol in our online course to move your career forward, fully backed by RMIT University and Amazon Web Services.

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Start date: 18 March 2019

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You will be eligible for a certificate on completing this course.

We estimate that you will need a total of 50 hours to complete this course over 8 weeks.

1) A computer with good internet access
2) Slack (web or free on the App Store)
3) ZOOM Cloud Meetings (web or free on the App Store)

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