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Developing Blockchain Strategy

Understand the fundamentals and impact of blockchain, and work with leading industry experts to build a real-world strategy for your business.


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Why learn blockchain strategy

You’ve probably heard of blockchain. It’s the technology that powers a US$180billion cryptocurrency industry. But the truth is, bitcoin is only a small part of blockchain’s potential. We’re here to show you the big picture.

RMIT is the first Australian university to offer a dedicated blockchain short course: Developing Blockchain Strategy. This isn’t a course that is all about theory. We’ve partnered with industry leaders, like Accenture and Stone & Chalk, to develop a hands-on blockchain program. It’s a course for people who want to build real-world strategies and upskill fast. Less essay, more application.

Learn the foundations of blockchain, study with global thought leaders and get mentoring from industry experts.

So, ready to get started?

Learn with industry experts

Get ready to meet some of the biggest names in the blockchain business.

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Stone and Chalk

Stone and Chalk are the champions of early adopters. They’re Asia’s largest fintech hub – a not-for-profit that supports innovative, boundary-pushing tech start-ups. When it comes to blockchain application in Australia, they’re the ones blazing the trail.

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Accenture’s motto is simple: ‘New isn’t on its way. We’re applying it right now.’ They’re one of the world’s biggest technology agencies, providing blockchain solutions for most of the Fortune Global 500. They even run dedicated Blockchain Bootcamps.



How does it work?

An introduction to the blockchain basics. We’ll start with the technology itself – the foundational structures and how they work. Then we’ll take a look at the scope of the wider blockchain industry. The key stakeholders. The scale and pace of investment. And how you can apply these learnings to your own business.

  • Course will run over 8 weeks, with an estimated 50 hours of study.
  • We expect this will involve about 5 - 7.5 hours per week.
  • Fixed start and end dates, with weekly scheduled live webinars, individual and group activities.
  • No entry requirements for the course, just bring a positive and inquisitive attitude as we will be discussing complex concepts.

Want to get started?

How does it work?

Program overview

    Bullet point

    Key learning outcomes

    • Conceptual understanding of blockchain technology
    • Use cases across various industries
    • Strategic and regulatory framework for applying blockchain to your business
    • Deeper technological understanding and application of blockchain and blockchain environments
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    Course overview

    • Week 1: Acquire an understanding of blockchain and its technology foundations.
    • Week 2: Develop the capability to complete a cost-benefit analysis of using blockchain to a relevant industry.
    • Week 3: Develop and apply your conceptual understanding of blockchain to the financial services sector.
    • Week 4: Summarise the key technical, legal and regulatory considerations in applying blockchain to a business opportunity.
    • Week 5: Describe key patterns in emerging use cases and recognise common barriers to adoption in emerging use cases.
    • Week 6: Discuss strategic frameworks for developing blockchain business strategy.
    • Week 7: Final assessment - develop and present a professional and cohesive blockchain business strategy via video to your peers and mentors. Identify potential opportunities and challenges within blockchain use cases and your own industry. Propose a proof of concept for your own organisation and identify potential outcomes.
    • Week 8: You will receive feedback for your project and participate in peer-to-peer project reviews.


The RMIT Edge

Learn from global thought leaders

Developing Blockchain Strategy has been co-designed by the RMIT Blockchain Innovation Hub – a global team of thought leaders, researchers and experts in cryptoeconomics. It’s the cutting edge of blockchain thinking.

Get job ready

We’ve partnered with industry experts like Stone and Chalk and Accenture, to make this program as practical as possible. You won’t just get a theoretical understanding of blockchain: you’ll learn how to use it.

Future-proof your career

We’ve built this course with companies that understand blockchain. We’ll start with the blockchain fundamentals, then use them to develop real-world business strategies. It’s your chance to leapfrog the competition.

Find out more in our FAQ.

Prerequisites and requirements




Developing Blockchain Strategy (1 course)

Enrol in Australia’s first university led blockchain short course, designed by industry experts. Study blockchain basics, learn business strategies, and make contacts with the biggest names in the industry. Course runs for 8 weeks.

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A$1,600 GST inc. (1 course)

Start date: 21 January 2019

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You will be eligible for a certificate on completing this course.

We estimate that you will need a total of 50 hours to complete this course over 8 weeks.

1) A computer with good internet access
2) Slack (web or free on the App Store)
3) ZOOM Cloud Meetings (web or free on the App Store)

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